Journal Six

Table of Contents

JOURNAL NO. 6, 2011

‘Death in the Valley’: the killing of Neil ‘Plunkett’ O’Boyle by James Durney, 8

Blackhall Castle, Calverstown, County Kildare and theories as to the possible functions of its Sheelagh na Gig by Cora Crampton, 16

Knockpatrick Hill legend: a dress fastener for a chieftain’s cloak by Dorothy Leonard, 22

Michael Dwyer and Bridget Brown of Cummock by David Ward, 24

The role of horses in farm life in the 1920s by Stanley Jackson, 28

Miscellaneous biographical notices relating to Baltinglass, appearing in newspapers, 1748-1904 by Paul Gorry, 32

St. Kevin (a Wicklow biography no. 2) by Maria Brosnan, 23

St. Laurence O’Toole (a Wicklow biography no. 3) by Dorothy Leonard, 25

Walter de Riddelesford (a Wicklow biography no. 4) by Dorothy Leonard, 27

The family of Michael Dwyer by Paul Gorry, 30

Linen and cotton printing at Stratford-on-Slaney, Co. Wicklow (part 1) by Paul Baker, 37

Martin Byrne, 1815-1892 by Dermot and Brian Kavanagh, 42

Farewell to the 25-pounder field gun by James Scannell, 50

Hollywood: an historic village by John Glennon, 55

Passage tombs in West Wicklow by Mairead Connellan, BA, Dip. LIS., 65

‘The Hillside Farm, or how we lived in the 1880s’ an extract entitled ‘Pastimes’ by Joe McArdle (the pen-name of Father John Doyle C.S.S.R.), 69

The Westbys and High Park house, Kiltegan, by Peadar Cullen ( Peadar C. Ó Cuilinn), 82

St. Nicholas’s holy well, Tournant, Dunlavin, by Chris Lawlor, 88

Christmas Day 1910: Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway timetable, by James Scannell, 100

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