Journal One

Table of Contents

JOURNAL NO. 1 (published in 1983) (available to download as a pdf)

The Tullow Line by Cora Crampton, 7

Tales from a Drowned Land (memories of the Poulaphouca Dam, 1930s) by Martin J. Kelly, 11

Golden Fort and the Saunders Family by Geoffrey Marescaux de Saubruit, 15

A Saunders elopement by Geoffrey Marescaux de Saubruit, 17

Baltinglass Convent by Sister Therese Morrissey, 19

Brandubh (a Wicklow biography no. 1) by Paul Gorry, 22

St. Kevin (a Wicklow biography no. 2) by Maria Brosnan, 23

St. Laurence O’Toole (a Wicklow biography no. 3) by Dorothy Leonard, 25

Walter de Riddelesford (a Wicklow biography no. 4) by Dorothy Leonard, 27

The family of Michael Dwyer by Paul Gorry, 30

Linen and cotton printing at Stratford-on-Slaney, Co. Wicklow (part 1) by Paul Baker, 37

A visit to Knockpatrick Hill by Dorothy Leonard, 41

God’s Acre: Burial-Ground at Chapel Hill, Baltinglass by Sister Therese Morrissey, 45

St. Mary’s Church and Rectory, past and present by Verena Wilson, 48

V. Rev. Dr. Denis Kane, P.P., V.G., (1822-1883) by Sister Therese Morrissey, 51

Parish of Ballymore-Eustace, 1791 by William Hawkes, 53

The Valentine Family (part 1) by Paul Gorry and Anthony E.S. Valentine, 63

Another Life:  Joe Toomey’s memories of turf and stone cutting etc., by Maria Brosnan, 70

‘The Chapel at Kilamoate’, a poem by Tom Kelly, 75

Index to the Coolattin Estate emigration records, 1847-56 part 1 (A to C) by Paul Gorry, 78

Extracts from the Turtle Manuscripts contributed by Paul Gorry, 86

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