Journal Eleven

Table of Contents


Ladies’ Day at Punchestown: 150 years of festival fashion, by Dr. Emma Lyons, 7

The O’Tooles of Imail in the sixteenth century, by Brendan Corrigan, 15

‘Home Rule is throwing many a shadow just now’: Wicklow women, Unionism and the Women’s Declaration of 1912, by Rosemary Raughter, 33

‘A Celt, a Catholic and a Peasant’ – Andrew Byrne, a Wicklow man in India, by Andrew Keating, 49

John and Jennie Wyse Power: the real-life couple featured in James Joyce’s Ulysses, by Cora Crampton, 55

The Rev. Ogle Moore of Manor Kilbride, by Jim Corley, 81

The beautiful woman in the long red cloak: Rose O’Toole, by Ita Roddy, 88

Winter-transhumance routes between the Wicklow Mountains and the surrounding lowlands, by John Hussey, 96

Murder most Foul: the murder of Edward Jones of Kilranelagh in 1916 by Maura Murphy Gibson, 111

Some aspects of County Wicklow’s railway history, by James Scannell, 118

Back to Burgage (a geophysical survey), by Niamh and Brian McCabe, 127

The Irish language influence in West Wicklow place-names, by John Glennon, 135

Oatmeal biscuits by Sarah Gillespie, 140

Divided loyalties in Kildare: truce, treaty and drift to Civil War, by Michael Murphy, 144

Baltinglass Bridewell and Courthouse, by Chris Lawlor, 151

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