Journal Eight

Table of Contents

JOURNAL NO. 8, 2015   

Tubber and the Castle Leslie connection: An overview of Tubber House and Demesne, c. 1764-1824, by Emma Lyons, 11

Hillfort construction at Baltinglass: building Ireland’s hillfort capital, by James O’Driscoll, 23

From crime to wine: the Claytons of New South Wales by Margaret Smith, 49

Robert Pipho and the Baltinglass Rebellion by Brendan Corrigan, 65

‘Yes, this is Wicklow’: recovering George Francis Savage-Armstrong as a poet of Wicklow, by Rosemary Raughter, 75

Not so doddery: the Dunlavin Solicitor Mr. Reuben J. Dodd, by Declan O’Connor, 88

A Black and Tan (William Mitchell) executed, by D. J. Kelly, 93

A famous row between two publicans at Ballymore Eustace in 1886 by John Glennon, 101

Rathdangan and Killamoate: my native area, by Peadar C.Ó Cuilinn, 116

In the shadow of Joseph Holt, by Henry Austin, 120

Death on a country road (Miss Margaret Dunne), by James Scannell, 123

‘The Hillside Farm, or how we lived in the 1880s’ an extract entitled ‘Poor men and poor women’, by Joe McArdle (the pen-name of Father John Doyle C.S.S.R.), 126

Two August 1911 cycling mishaps, by James Scannell, 139

The Dunlavin massacre: two ballads of 1798, by Chris Lawlor, 140

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