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Anon. Richard Crosbie: Ireland’s First Aviator – a Baltinglass man? Vol. 2, 4

Anon. Glen of Imaal 1941 memorial. Vol. 4, 94

Anon. Some West Wicklow monuments relating to the period 1798-1803 which were restored between 1998 -2003. Vol. 4, 95

Anon. Humewood: a brief note. Vol.4, 102

Anon. Donard’s new church, 1925 : an article from the ‘Leinster Leader’ Saturday 18 July 1925. Vol.7, 99

Anon. The County Wicklow Grand Jury Presentments, Summer Assizes, 1793. Vol.9, 66

Baker, Maeve. Famine in Wicklow, 1846-7 : extracts from British Parliamentary papers. Vol. 3, 17

Baker, Paul. Linen and cotton Printing at Stratford-on-Slaney (part 1). Vol. 1, 37

Baker, Paul. Local agricultural methods c.1803. Vol. 2, 64

Balfe, Seamus and John Hussey. Sheep wash-holes in West Wicklow. Vol. 9, 109

Balfe, Seamus. Shops around Blessington Lake. Vol. 10, 103

Bergin, Mary. The Wicklow landlord who held sway over the British Empire: Parnell and his times. Vol. 7, 108

Boake, Rev. Canon Henry V. Tinahely over the centuries: a brief history. Vol. 3, 42

Boake, Rev. Canon Henry V. Tinahely over the centuries: a brief history continued. Vol.4, 74

Boland, Danny. Mór O’Toole (a Wicklow biography no.5). Vol. 2, 42

Brosnan, Maria. Saint Kevin (a Wicklow biography no.2). Vol. 1, 23

Brosnan, Maria. Memories of Joe Toomey: local crafts incl. turf cutting etc. Vol. 1, 70.

Brosnan, Maria. Keating, Jack: memories of fishing for pearl in the King’s river. Vol. 2, 47

Byrne, Eugene. Photo from the past: John Dwyer, son of rebel leader Michael Dwyer. Vol. 5, 59

Byrne, Fidelma. A man of integrity? The varying roles of Robert Chaloner, Earl of Fitzwilliam’s land-agent during Black 47. Vol. 7, 8

Byrne, Rhoda. Thirty-five years in West Wicklow. Vol. 2, 80

Cantwell, Brian. Some West Wicklow memorial inscriptions. Vol. 2, 27

Cass, Pauleen. Denis Gavin and Ellen Murphy: early Queensland pioneers. Vol.9, 97

Clarke, Theo. A cemetery cairn at Carrig, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. Vol. 2, 15

Comerford, Evan. ‘He regarded their interests and his own as interwoven’: the impact of the 1903 Wyndham land Act on the Mansfields of Morristown Lattin 1903-1929. Vol. 10, 174

Connellan, Mairéad B.A., Dip. LIS. Baltinglass Cistercian Abbey. Vol. 5, 52

Connellan, Mairéad B.A., Dip. LIS. Passage tombs in West Wicklow. Vol. 6, 65

Corley, Jim. Elizabeth Smith comes to Baltiboys. Vol. 5, 72

Corley, Jim. Ballymore Eustace Woollen Mills. Vol. 10, 72

Corley, Jim. The Rev. Ogle Moore of Manor Kilbride. Vol. 11, 81

Corley, Jim. The Manor of Blessington, created by Michael Boyle. Vol. 12, 100

Corrigan, Brendan. Robert Pipho and the Baltinglass Rebellion. Vol. 8, 65

Corrigan, Brendan. The Boynestowne Lordship: Baltyboys, Tulfarris & Humphreystown (part one). 1650-1850. Vol. 9, 47

Corrigan, Brendan. The Boynestown Lordship: Baltyboys, Tulfarris & Humphreystown (part two) 1650-1850. Vol. 10, 132

Corrigan, Brendan. The O’Tooles of Imail in the Sixteenth Century. Vol. 11, 15

Corrigan, Brendan. Balfe the Robber. Vol. 12, 125.

Costello, Con. Michael Dwyer in captivity. Vol. 2, 18

Crampton, Cora. The Tullow Line. Vol. 1, 7

Crampton, Cora. Albina O’ Molloy (a Wicklow biography no. 6). Vol. 2, 45

Crampton, Cora. Thomas Eustace, 1st Viscount Baltinglass (a Wicklow biography no. 7). Vol. 2, 45

Crampton, Cora. Fiach Mac Hugh O’Byrne (a Wicklow biography no. 8). Vol. 3, 15

Crampton, Cora. James Eustace, 3rd Viscount Baltinglass (a Wicklow biography no. 9). Vol. 3, 16

Crampton, Cora. Blackhall Castle, Calverstown, County Kildare and theories as to the possible functions of its Sheelagh na Gig. Vol. 6, 16

Crampton, Cora. The Plymouth Brethren and the Baltinglass connection. Vol. 9, 33

Crampton, Cora. Mullaghmast: early monuments and mythologies. Vol. 10, 245

Crampton, Cora. John and Jennie Wyse Power: the real-life couple featured in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Vol. 11, 55

Crampton, Cora. Sadhbh O’Byrne – glimpses of a Gaelic woman of sixteenth-century Ireland. Vol. 12, 92.

Cullen, Gerald. Some observations on the Great famine in County Wicklow, c.1845-1850. Vol. 12, 34.

Cullen, Kevin. The RIC and the IRA in Wicklow’s War of Independence. Vol.7, 62

Cullen, Peadar (Peadar C. Ó Cuilinn) The Westbys and High Park house, Kiltegan. Vol. 6, 82


Darcy, Maureen. Bacon curing in Baltinglass in the early Twentieth Century. Vol. 3, 59

Dore, Michael. Ballymore-Eustace: historical notes. Vol. 3, 61

Douglas, Richard. Thomas Crampton: extracts from his diary of 1869. Vol. 3, 9

Doyle, James J. (1869-1916). ‘Kilranelagh’ a poem. Vol. 2, 20

Doyle, Tommy. ‘A Tribute to Baltinglass’ a poem. Vol. 4, 93

Durney, James. ‘Death in the Valley’: the killing of Neil ‘Plunkett’ O’Boyle. Vol. 6, 8

Durney, James. Guests of the Crown: Wicklow men in the Curragh Internment Camps, 1921. Vol. 10, 17

Dwyer, Ben. ‘Baltinglass of Yesteryear’ a poem (1915). Vol. 3, 41

Flynn, John. Memories of Donard, including photographs of saws and sawpits. Vol. 5, 70

Gillespie, Sarah. Cecil Frances Alexander and her connection to County Wicklow. Vol. 10, 80

Gillespie, Sarah. Oatmeal biscuits. Vol. 11, 140

Glennon, John. Sons of the soil: aspects of the GAA in Wicklow in the early 1890s. Vol. 4, 27

Glennon, John. Hollywood, an historic village. Vol. 6, 55

Glennon, John. A famous row between two publicans at Ballymore Eustace in 1886. Vol. 8, 101

Glennon, John. The Irish language influence in West Wicklow place-names. Vol. 11, 135

Glennon, John. A farming community: Hollywood in the early twentieth century. Vol. 12, 81

Gorry, Paul. Brandubh (a Wicklow biography no.1). Vol. 1, 22

Gorry, Paul. The Family of Michael Dwyer. Vol. 1, 30

Gorry, Paul. Index to the Coolattin Estate Emigration records, 1847-56 part 1 (A to C). Vol. 1, 78

Gorry, Paul. Index to the Coolattin Estate Emigration records 1847-56 part 2 (D to F). Vol. 2, 76

Gorry, Paul. Index to the Coolattin Estate Emigration records 1847-56 part 3 (G to K). Vol. 3, 91

Gorry, Paul and Anthony E.S. Valentine: The Valentine family of Donard (part 1). Vol. 1, 63

Gorry, Paul Anthony E. S. Valentine: The Valentine family of Donard (part 2). Vol. 2, 2

Gorry, Paul. Extracts from the Turtle Manuscripts. Vol. 1, 86

Gorry, Paul. South side Baltinglass 1894 compiled from Land Valuation Office Revision Books and Slater’s Directory of Ireland 1894) incl. 1985 occupants. Vol. 2, 8

Gorry, Paul. The Greenes and Kilranelagh House. Vol. 2, 48

Gorry, Paul. A review of ‘Handbook of Irish Genealogy (6th ed.)’ (1984) by Donal Begley, Vol. 2, 87

Gorry, Paul. John Thomond O’Brien Day in Baltinglass: unveiling of plaque and launch of book on Saturday 16 September 2006. Vol. 4, 83

Gorry, Paul. Miscellaneous biographical notices relating to Baltinglass, appearing in newspapers between 1748-1904, Vol. 6, 32

Gorry, Paul. Lathaleere, Baltinglass: the evolution of a place-name. Vol. 9, 11

Gorry, Paul. Charles Maule Drury (1848-1939) – collector of folklore. Vol. 12, 152.

Halligan, Peter W. The castles of Oldcourt and Three Castles. Vol. 12, 158.

Harney, Lorcan. A light into medieval Ireland: some thoughts on cresset-stones and a previously undocumented example from Newry townland, southwest Wicklow. Vol. 9, 81

Hawkes, Alan. Archaeological excavations on Baltinglass hill: an update. Vol. 10, 11

Hawkes, William. Parish of Ballymore Eustace. Vol. 1, 53

Hood, Susan E. Marriage in Ireland before the Famine: a case study of Rathvilly parish. Vol. 3, 33

Hussey, John and Seamus Balfe. Sheep wash-holes in West Wicklow. Vol. 9, 109

Hussey, John. Tuckmills in West Wicklow. Vol. 9, 124

Hussey, John. Wool-weaving in the 1820s: the recollections of William Hanbidge. Vol. 9, 74

Hussey, John. Flax growing and linen weaving in Imaal in the 1820s. Vol. 10, 107

Hussey, John. Winter-transhumance routes between the Wicklow Mountains and the surrounding lowlands. Vol. 11, 96


Jackson, Stanley. Baltinglass cattle fairs. Vol. 4, 86

Jackson, Stanley. Dairy farming in West Wicklow. Vol. 5, 81

Jackson, Stanley. The role of horses in farm life in the 1920s. Vol.6, 28


Kavanagh, Dermot and Brian. Martin Byrne, 1815-1892. Vol. 6, 42

Keating, Andrew. William Dargan and the Dublin and Wicklow Railway. Vol. 10, 151

Keating, Andrew. ‘A Celt, a Catholic and a Peasant’ : Andrew Byrne, a Wicklow man in India. Vol. 11, 49

Keegan, Declan. Mapping the devolved Gaelic territories and districts of the O’ Tooles. Vol. 12, 9

Kelly, D.J. A Black and Tan executed (William Mitchell). Vol.8, 93

Kelly, Mairéad. A sociological interpretation of the ‘Hillfort Capital’ – exploring Hughstown and Tinoran hillforts (Part 1 of 3). Vol. 12, 135

Kelly, Martin J. `Tales from a Drowned Land’: memories of the ESB’s Dam project at Poulaphouca. Vol. 1, 11

Kelly, Maura. Merginstown School, Dunlavin. Vol. 2, 35

Kelly, Tom. A Poem ‘The Chapel at Kilamoate’ Vol. 1, 75

Kenny, Liam. The Railway Children (the Cott family). Vol. 2, 52

Kenny, Liam. When Britannia’s sons with their long-range guns rang out in the Glen of Imaal: the British Army in West Wicklow. Vol. 5, 57

Keogh, Jerome. Notes on Jack Rutherford of Rustyduff Bridge. Vol. 2, 11.

Keogh, Jerome. ‘The Homes of Imaal’, a poem. Vol. 2, 68

Kinsella, Kathleen (nee Keogh). ‘Billy’s Country’: a Childhood Memory of holidays in Knocklisheen, County Carlow. Vol. 5, 50

Lane, Pádraig G. Wicklow farm labourers: a facet of the 1880s Land War. Vol. 7, 52

Lawlor, Chris. West Wicklow and the 1641 rebellion. Vol. 4, 18

Lawlor, Chris. A brief statistical analysis of Dunlavin Roman Catholic Parish from 1891 to 1902. Vol. 4, 48

Lawlor, Chris. Tithe, protest and criminality around Dunlavin 1823-1845. Vol.5, 28

Lawlor, Chris. The development and present state of local Irish historiography. Vol. 5, 95

Lawlor, Chris. Contextualising a chieftain’s career: the case of Feagh Mac Hugh O’Byrne. Vol. 7, 25

Lawlor, Chris. St. Nicholas’s holy well, Tournant, Dunlavin. Vol.6, 88

Lawlor, Chris. The Dunlavin massacre: two ballads of 1798. Vol.8, 140

Lawlor, Chris. Raids, requisitions and recompense: the Civil War’s impact on West Wicklow, 1922-3. Vol. 9, 133

Lawlor, Chris. Baltinglass Bridewell and Courthouse. Vol.11, 151

Lawlor, Chris. Revisiting the 1798 Dunlavin massacre for its 225th anniversary. Vol. 12, 103

Lawlor, Jason. Raid, robberies and attacks: West Wicklow during the Civil War. Vol. 7, 118

Lawlor, Jason. West Wicklow as described in the Parliamentary Gazetteer of 1846. Vol. 5, 62

Lee, Kevin. Nineteenth-century emigration from South Wicklow: from Coollattin to Canada. Vol. 10, 206

Lennon, Richard B. A listing of some people living on the Baltinglass estate of the Earl of Aldborough (1767-1794) Vol. 10, 192

Lennon, Richard B. A late-eighteenth-century map of thirty-one holdings in Stratford. Vol. 5, 6

Lennon, Richard B. A 1792 Rental of the Lordship of Belan, Co. Kildare. Vol. 12, 67.

Leonard, Dorothy. St. Laurence O’Toole (a Wicklow biography no.3) Vol. 1, 25

Leonard, Dorothy. Walter de Riddelesford (a Wicklow Biography no.4) Vol. 1, 27

Leonard, Dorothy. A visit to Knockpatrick Hill. Vol. 1, 41

Leonard, Dorothy, Graney. Vol. 2, 69

Leonard, Dorothy. The Hollywood highwayman – Captain James Freney. Vol.3, 56

Leonard, Dorothy. A horse tale: details of a horse kidnapping near Graney. Vol. 5, 68

Leonard, Dorothy. Knockpatrick Hill legend – a dress fastener for a chieftain’s cloak. Vol.6, 22

Lynott, John. Dunlavin per Slater’s Directory 1881. Vol. 3, 13

Lyons, Emma. Tubber and the Castle Leslie connection: an overview of Tubber House and Demesne, c. 1764-1824. Vol.8, 11

Lyons, Emma. Ladies’ Day at Punchestown: 150 years of festival fashion. Vol. 11, 7

Marescaux de Saubruit, Geoffrey. Notes on Golden Fort and the Saunders Family. Vol. 1, 15
Marescaux de Saubruit, Geoffrey. A Saunders Elopement. Vol.1, 17
Molyneux, Tom. Ernest Molyneux of the Decoy, near Tynte Park, Dunlavin. Vol. 9, 120
Moore, Lil. Grangecon: a Place Remembered. Vol. 3, 79
Moriarty, Christopher, Odd fish in the Poulaphouca Dam. Vol. 9, 106
Morrissey, Sister Therese.  God’s Acre: burial-ground at Chapel Hill, Baltinglass, Vol. 1, 45
Morrissey, Sister Therese.  V. Rev. Dr. Denis Kane, P.P., V.G., (1822-1883). Vol. 1, 51
Murphy Gibson, Maura. Murder most foul: the murder of Edward Jones of Kilranelagh in 1916. Vol. 11, 111
Murphy Gibson, Maura. Gentry, Brides and Lions. Vol. 12, 40.
Murphy, Michael. County Kildare during the War of Independence, 1919-1921. Vol. 10, 85
Murphy, Michael. Divided loyalties in Kildare: truce, treaty and drift to Civil War. Vol. 11, 144 


McArdle, Joseph. (the pen-name of Father John Doyle C.S.S.R.) The Hillside Farm or how we lived in the 1880s, an extract entitled ‘All the year round’. Vol. 5, 8

McArdle, Joseph. The Hillside Farm, an extract entitled ‘Pastimes’. Vol. 6, 69

McArdle, Joseph. The Hillside Farm, an extract entitled ‘Poor men and poor women’. Vol. 8, 126

McArdle, Joseph. The Hillside Farm, an extract entitled ‘The land for the people’. Vol. 10, 113

McCabe, Brian. Scurlock’s graveyard, Blessington. Vol. 7, 88.

McCabe, Brian. Collapse of church at Burgage. Vol. 10, 170

McCabe, Brian. A little bit of Bulgaria in Ireland: Pierce O’Mahony (1850-1930): politician and philanthropist. Vol. 12, 54.

McCabe, Niamh and Brian. Back to Burgage (a geophysical survey). Vol. 11, 127

McDonnell, Donal. Extracts from The Post-Chaise Companion or Travellers’ Directory through Ireland by William Wilson. Vol. 5, 87

O’Brien, John. Migrant railway workers and local communities: a case study of Harristown station on the Sallins-Tullow branch line 1883-1951. Vol. 12, 21

O’ Connor, Declan. Not so doddery: the Dunlavin Solicitor, Mr. Reuben J. Dodd. Vol. 8, 88

O’Connor, Declan. Did you ever dance to these bands in Blessington or Manor Kilbride 1971-1973?. Vol. 10, 236

O’Connor, Declan. The man who wore a blue shirt in 1933: the Bass War in West Wicklow and Kildare. Vol.12, 51

Ó Cuillin, Peadar C. ‘Ar gCeanntar Dúchas’. Vol. 4, 39

Ó Cuillin, Peadar C. St. Patrick’s Missionary Society: S.P.S. (The Kiltegan Fathers). Vol. 5, 23

Ó Cuillin, Peadar C. Rathdangan and Killamoate: my native area. Vol. 8, 116

O’Driscoll, James. Hillfort construction at Baltinglass: building Ireland’s hillfort capital. Vol. 8, 23

O’Hanlon, P.J. Macra na Feirme and the origin of secondary education in West Wicklow. Vol. 10, 203

O’Hare, Margaret P. Irish-French Quaker connections during the 18th Century. Vol. 3, 30

O’Neill, Marie. Jennie Wyse Power 1858-1941. Vol. 4, 55

O’Toole, Kitty. The ancient parish of Rathvilly. Vol. 4, 64

Rattigan, Joseph. Aspects of the Land War at local level, phase one (1879-1882). Vol.2, 57

Raughter, Rosemary. ‘Yes, this is Wicklow’: Recovering George Francis Savage-Armstrong as a poet of Wicklow. Vol.8, 75

Raughter, Rosemary. Preaching the suffrage gospel in County Wicklow: A local perspective on the women’s suffrage campaign, 1908-1918. Vol. 10, 47

Raughter, Rosemary. ‘Home Rule is throwing many a shadow just now’: Wicklow women, Unionism and the Women’s Declaration of 1912. Vol. 11, 33

Raughter, Rosemary. ‘I say it as I think it’: The life and controversial times of Rev. T. C. O’Connor, Rector of Donoughmore and Donard. Vol. 12, 182

Robinson, James, M.Phil. Silk manufacturing in Rathmore, County Kildare (1784-1786). Vol. 10, 27

Roddy, Ita. Language matters: the importance of Irish in local place-name lore. Vol. 10, 95

Roddy, Ita. The beautiful woman in the long red cloak: Rose O’Toole. Vol. 11, 88

Roddy, Ita. Language Matters Revisited. Vol. 12, 73

Scannell, James. The 1941 LDF West Wicklow District Shield Rifle Competition. Vol.4, 88

Scannell, James. A Dangerous Line: the Dublin and Blessington Tramway line. Vol. 5, 103

Scannell, James. Farewell to the 25-pounder field gun. Vol.6, 50

Scannell, James. Christmas Day 1910: Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway timetable. Vol. 6, 100

Scannell, James. The annual inspections of the Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway Company in 1912 and 1913. Vol. 7, 91

Scannell, James. ‘Death on a Country Road’ (Miss Margaret Dunne). Vol.8, 123

Scannell, James. Two cycling mishaps at Donard and Blessington in August 1911. Vol.8, 139

Scannell, James. The Glen of Imaal explosion: ‘Death in the Glen of Imaal’ – 16 September 1941. Vol. 9, 26

Scannell, James. Dublin & Blessington Tram Lane: A fatal accident in 1912. Vol. 9, 116

Scannell, James. Trouble with the points: the Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway Company. Vol. 9, 128

Scannell, James. Aspects of life in County Wicklow during the Emergency. Vol. 10, 161

Scannell, James. Some aspects of County Wicklow’s railway history. Vol. 11, 118

Scannell, James. Death from a Flat-Nosed Bullet in Blessington, August 1922. Vol. 12, 77

Shirley-Beaven, Mark. Goodbye to Fortgranite, a much-loved family home. Vol. 10, 239

Smith, Margaret. From crime to wine: the Claytons of New South Wales. Vol. 8, 49

Trant, Kathy. The eviction of the Ballylow Tenants on the Blessington Estate in 1852. Vol.4, 45

Tyrell, Paul. Dame Ninette de Valois (Edris Stannus). Vol. 12, 57

Valentine, Anthony E.S. and Paul Gorry. The Valentine Family (Part 1). Vol. 1, 63

Valentine, Anthony E.S. and Paul Gorry. The Valentine Family: the Valentine family of Donard. (part 2). Vol. 2, 22

Vukusic, Luka. Some facts about the activities of Mark Forstall in Croatia 1650s to 1672. Vol. 7, 86

Ward, David. Michael Dwyer and Bridget Brown of Cummock. Vol.6, 24

Weir, H.B.  Kilcommon Church of Ireland School, Tinahely. Vol. 2, 12

Wilson, Irene Verena. St. Mary’s Church and Rectory, past and present. Vol. 1, 48

Winnett, Andrew. The Winnett Family of Baltinglass. Vol. 4, 68

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